Sebastian Copeland

Antarctica: The Global Warning

Sebastian Copeland, from the Series Antarctica: The Global Warning

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Images from the Series, Antarctica: The Global Warning
Archival Color Pigment-based Photographic Print, Limited Edition

The exhibition will be on view through December 15.
Special Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, Noon to 5 p.m.

Photographer Sebastian Copeland reveals through hauntingly beautiful images the devastation of rising temperatures in the Earth’s last great wilderness. These large scale exquisite photographs captures both the awesome beauty of Antarctica and the foreseeable decline of the area.

“I am really hoping to strike a chord with people and help move them to act. Most people think of Antarctica as utterly remote from their lives and their worlds – and they’re right, it is thousands of miles away from most of us. But our actions here, in the industrialized world, are changing this fragile, beautiful continent forever, and I wanted to ask people to think about that. In a sense, Antarctica is symbolic of everything about Earth and our environment which we can ignore, but hopefully choose not to.”

The fate of Antarctica foretells the fate of the Earth. Temperatures have risen on the western slope of this most southern continent by over 2.5C during the last 50 years alone. And icebergs 4 and 10 times larger than Manhattan broke away from the Ross Ice Shelf in 2002 and 2000—a sure sign of increased ice-melt caused by global-warming. The rapid changes in this stark yet fragile icy realm may sound the last warning before the destruction of our environment as we know it today.

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